Our Classes

Hot Power Yoga / Warm Power Yoga:

Our signature 60 minute heated vinyasa yoga class. Flow through poses and sequences linked to breath in a vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga whilst listening to  a carefully curated playlist . Sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy. All levels are welcome.

Slow Flow Power Yoga:

Our signature class! Powerful vinyasa-inspired sequencing designed to invigorate and cleanse the mind and body, accompanied by upbeat music. This all levels class is designed to be challenging for both beginners and seasoned yogis by offering modifications to move deeper or ease up on the postures and sequencing given. New yogis are encouraged to take our basics class (Warm Power Yoga) before jumping into this one!

Yin/ YangYoga:

This class begins with a firey Yang (flow) practice to build heat in the body. This heat prepares the body to then melt deeply into 30 minutes of Yin yoga (restorative, deep stretching release).

Hot Ashtanga Yoga:

This class synchronizes the breath with a progressive series of postures- a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

WEB Wake Up:

This vinyasa class is an elixir class for your body, mind, and spirit. Each class includes cardio activity from vinyasa flow and exciting inversions postures, plus accessible meditation, all proven to improve your inner self and begin your day with positive energy.

Cardio Sculpt:

This 50 minute class uses your own body weight and numerous props inclding light weight resistance, 2-3 lb hand weights, and ankle weights to create a long, lean, strong body. This is a upbeat, fun, motivating class for all levels.

Yoga Bootcamp:

A 50 minute yoga based class with weights set to the beat of an inspiring playlist to work your mind and muscles. It is the perfect combination of yoga and sculpt. Light hand weights and or ankle weights are suggested.

WEB Box & Flow:

This 45 minute class is a fusion between shadow cardio boxing (no heavy bags) and vinyasa yoga. The class begins with 30 minutes of HIIT boxing and finishes with 15 minutes of vinyasa flow, all to motivating great music. Learn to strive for balance wherever you are and flow through your fight!