Our Classes


POE FireBeat is a 50 minute full body sculpting and movement class, all done in an 95 degree infrared heated room. This full body workout is a non-impact yet fast paced class that moves to the beat of the music. Your body will go through muscular isolations that tone, tighten, and lengthen your overall physique. Each class offers hot playlists that will allow you to really move your body, mind and soul.


Our signature class! Powerful vinyasa-inspired sequencing designed to invigorate and cleanse the mind and body, accompanied by upbeat music. This all levels class is designed to be challenging for both beginners and seasoned yogis by offering modifications to move deeper or ease up on the postures and sequencing given. New yogis are encouraged to take our basics class (POE Warm Power Yoga) before jumping into this one!


All classes will be drop in. Purchases can be made through MindBody.