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Saturday October 10th, 3:00 PM 

Join Jess Wood and Tierney Farry to discover how to support your wellbeing this fall in a deep way through the use of therapeutic CBD and essential oils


Class will begin with a series of Restorative Yin yoga postures and a special Yoga Nidra meditation.


Afterward to you can expect to deepen your knowledge of how these complimentary plant constituents can work in harmony with a tired, sore, or spacey mind-body this turn of the season. 


In this informative and relaxing class you will come away with an understanding of how to bring these tools into your life to support your family in a major way. 

Learn how to: ⠀⠀


Assist Digestion + Metabolism ⠀⠀

Regulate Mood ⠀⠀

Support Sleep ⠀⠀

Boost Immunity ⠀⠀

Enhance Skin ⠀⠀


Reduce chemical load in the home⠀⠀

Jess and Tierney will help you grasp the importance of knowing the difference in quality and purity when it comes to choosing your plant based products. 


Informative and relaxing, this event will bring your yoga practice and holistic lifestyle to a whole new level, leaving you feeling balanced and confident in your ability to get through this fall season unscathed!